10 Year Plan

10 year plan

The Camp LifeSavers Foundation desires to eradicate the lack of swimming and water safety skills that pervade our community.The “I Can Swim: Encourage Me!” program offers a holistic approach to swimming and water safety. Using the2010 Census data, we estimate that of the 60% of African-Americans that do not know how to swim, that there will be an approximately 10% of the population that will not ever learn how to swim, for whatever reason.Taking this estimate into account, and allowing for the 1.2% increase in the population yearly, there remains an estimated population of 22.8 million that have the potential to learn swimming and water safety principles.


buy membershipWe propose through our Operation: LifeSavers campaign, that we create a safety net across this nation.This safety net will consist of 3 major components, and will endeavor to reach 100% of those who can learn swimming and water safety principles in 10 years. The 3 Major components are: (1) Identifying and reaching out to a specific percentage of the population with potential each year, (2) Recruiting and training a percentage of those who already know how to swim, to teach the program, and (3) Establishing a yearly membership drive that will raise the funds to pay for the program materials for the participants, as well as a stipend to those who will run, and facilitate the program.

For example, in this inaugural year April 30, 2011-April 30, 2012, we will target reaching 1% of the potential swimmers, or 228,451 people. We will endeavor to recruit and train 10% of those swimmers who have the ability to teach, or 167,216 people, how to facilitate the program.In order to fund the program, we are seeking persons, companies, civic organizations, corporations, who will, through a variety of annual membership levels, join Camp LifeSavers as members. During this inaugural year, everyone who joins will become charter members, which is a distinction that will close on April 30, 2012.During the second year, May 1, 2012 – April 30, 2013, we will target reaching 5% of the potential swimmers. (Please see Table 1 for complete 10-year projection).

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