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If I could dream a Dream… In my dream I would wave my hand, and every person who is drowning in the Fear of Water would be saved. In my dream, everyone would know what it means to truly be safe and comfortable in, and around water.Everyone would be able to relax in, and on the water – whether it be in a pool, or at the beach, or on a boat.In my dream, we would all be free to swim with no fear.

However, I may not be able to wave my hand and make it happen.But through the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, we have a plan.A 10-year plan that, using the most affected group – African –Americans as an example – reduces the estimated 60% of non-swimmers (25.1 Million people) to 1-5%.Imagine seeing the most affected group of non-swimmers, some who are also sufferers of hypertension, diabetes, asthma, obesity, poverty, etc., using the water as a therapeutic tool, as well as a venue of exercise, and employment, just like every other ethnic group in America. What is this plan, you ask?

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Right now, this country is in the midst of Operation: Odyssey Dawn.We’ve had Operation: Iraqi Freedom, and many other campaigns that have had the aim of freeing people from oppressive regimes.Operation: LifeSavers wants to do the same.However, we aim to put down the oppressive regime of Fear of Water without having the downside of necessary and acceptable casualties.There have been too many already!

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