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water safety training

Purpose & Overview

The Camp LifeSavers’ “I Can Swim” program is designed to introduce Water Safety and Christian principles in a fun and interactive way. Participants will be taught a variety of swim preparatory skills and water safety topics, and correlating Old and/or New Testament scriptures. For each topic, each participant will create a craft that contains both principles, which can be used as a reminder and an outreach tool.

water safety principle

The water safety principles provide general guidelines and tools that are both simplistic and informative to promote safety in everyday, as well as adverse, aquatic situations. These principles will be represented by the Water Safety Principle icon shown in Figure 1.

Holy Scripture Principle



The corresponding Scriptures use the premise of the water safety principle to introduce Bible verses that can be recalled to promote safety in everyday, as well as adverse, life situations. These principles will be denoted by the Holy Scripture Principle icon in Figure 2.



empower water safety training

Camp LifeSavers believes that preparation before beginning a swim program can greatly improve the success of the swim lessons. Our method of operation teaches swimming and water safety principles in a classroom / workshop setting, with real-life scenarios, to help you understand the principles and the correlation to the Scriptural references. The craft is designed to reinforce what is taught, to create a lasting visual. Practice sessions of swimming simulations “Swim Sims: Start out better, practice together”, are also integral parts of each lesson. They are designed to give you an opportunity to work together with a partner to familiarize yourselves with essential skills before you venture into the water for swim classes.

Our goal is three-fold:

(1) To de-mystify the aquatic environment. Learning to swim and developing good water safety habits can empower you to keep yourselves and others safe in or near water. This, in turn, can lead to competent and confidentswimmers who can become leaders in the aquatic fields such as, lifeguards, swim team members, water safety instructors, etc.

(2) To allow God to “Do a New Thing” for anyone with an open heart. Utilizing this program can give you a fresh, new avenue in which to learn and discuss a variety of Bible Scriptures. This, in turn, can develop leaders who are equipped to lead others to Christ in ministerial fields such as evangelism, missions, outreach, etc.

(3) To Have Fun!


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