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Workshop series:

Encourage Me – Series 1

encourage me

Enlighten Me – Series 2

enlighten me

Enliven Me – Series 3

enliven me

Empower Me – Series 4

empower me

Camp LifeSavers offers the “I Can Swim: Encourage Me” workshop in three different lengths of time, to accommodate a variety of camp settings.

Each lesson within a 5-Lesson set requires a 2 -2 1/2 hour time frame to complete:

  • The Weekend Camp Experience: Friday afternoon /evening: 4 – 6 hours for 2 lessons;
    all day Saturday: 6 -8 hours to complete the remaining 3 lessons
  • The Week long Camp Experience: Sunday – Thursday or
    Monday – Friday, 2 -2/12 hours for 1 lesson per day
  • The 5-Week Camp Experience: 2 – 2 1/2 hours for 1 lesson per week

The flexibility of the program allows for location options, as well: you can bring your group to our Central Florida locations, or we can come to you!

encourage me

Lessons One – Five
Purpose & Overview

I. Lesson One – Water Safety Principle (WSP): Pair Up! Always Swim With a Buddy /
Holy Scripture Principle (HSP): Two Are Better Than One

II. Lesson Two – WSP: Guardy Says: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T Rules!” /
HSP: The Greatest Commandments

III. Lesson Three – WSP: Do what comes naturally… /
HSP: Dust of the Ground + Breath of Life = A Living Soul

IV. Lesson Four – WSP: Where do U turn? Guardy the Lifeguard/
HSP: Who do U turn 2? Jesus the Guard of life

V. Lesson Five – WSP: It‟s Your Life Jacket /
HSP: Put on the Whole Armor of God

VI. Remarks
VII. Preview: Enlighten Me! (Lessons 6 – 10)
VIII. Swim Instructor‟s Prayer

enlighten me

Lessons One – Five
Purpose & Overview

I. WSP: Ring Buoy: The Life Saver /
HSP: Jesus Christ: The LifeSaver

II. WSP: Guardy Says: “Do you see what I see?” (Hidden dangers in plain sight: Emergencies: Home and beyond) /
HSP: I can see clearly now!

III. WSP: Sunscreen: Preserve & Protect Your Skin /
HSP: Sonscreen: Preserve & Protect Your Life

IV. WSP: Fear is a four-letter word (But guess what: so is Love) /
HSP: Power, Love, and a Sound Mind

V. WSP: Yellow Alert! / Brown Alert! / Green Alert! Contaminants in the water /
HSP: A Polluted Well!

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